3 Factors That Affect Second Language Acquisition

byAlma Abell

Learning a second language isn’t easy. For those who want to improve or acquire the necessary skills to become adept enough at a second language, here are a few things that affect second language acquisition:

Learner characteristics

These characteristics refer to a person’s learning style, approach or attitude. If an individual is self-confident, which is typically seen in extrovert children or students, then this will help speed up the learning process, says the U.S. Department of State. Since they are more likely to communicate and reach out to others, they can adjust to their social environment faster, allowing them to learn the language with greater speed.

Situational factors

These refer to factors that are outside of the individual and typically includes the type of school setting, the class, teacher or teaching style the student is subjected to. This is why finding a first-rate learning facility for ESL in Dallas is invaluable. There’s a need to make sure the student picks a facility that suits the student’s learning habits and practices as well. If the school hours don’t work or the location is too far, these might present difficulties that could get in the way of the student’s learning progress.

Language development and competence

If a student’s linguistic as well as cognitive development with his/her home language has been positive, then it’s more than likely that the student will have no problems learning the second language. However, if a student starts classes beyond the age of 14, it might be improbable or rare for the student to acquire a native-like pronunciation.

Choosing one

These factors give a clearer understanding of what’s necessary to ensure students successfully achieve competency and mastery over the second language. By finding the right learning facility for ESL in Dallas, students have a much better chance of gaining enough competency and fluency in the language, improving their marketability in the job market. If you have decided to learn English, the Excel English Institute is the place to go! For questions about programs, enrollment or anything else please visit our website here.

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