Defensive Driving Tip: Drive Carefully In The Winters!

Defensive Driving Tip: Drive carefully in the winters!



Winter driving poses one great risk of skidding. While ice and snow are two different surfaces, they both come under winter driving. Snow that is falling hampers the visibility of drivers, causing accidents. On the other hand, there is ice that cannot be seen but makes its presence felt whenever there is a skid or spin out. Many

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teach the important principles of defensive driving.

Of them, the first main principle to be kept in mind is to drive slowly. The signs that say 65 mph speed limit do not apply when the roads are covered with ice or when it is snowing. During such times, these signs are changed temporarily to avoid accidents. If they are not, drivers should see to it that the driving speed should be kept lower than the speed limit. It gets very difficult to stop or slow down on a slippery road, and even more so when the vehicle is moving at a high speed. When you apply the brakes, the vehicle does not stop and if you try and apply the brakes in a fast moving vehicle, you are more likely to skid or crash. Also, high speeding makes it impossible to stop in time at a brake light. You can’t even make your vehicle stop at a brake light that is at a distance if you are speeding. If you are not careful, you will risk not only your life but also of those in the other vehicle. Even if you do not stop and just want to slow down, it can prove disastrous in a fast moving vehicle. If you apply brakes at a high speed, it will pose more hazards than doing so in a slow moving vehicle. In Texas defensive driving schools

, you learn that brakes aren’t the only problem while driving at high speeds. Even if you want to make the slightest of turns, it might result in a disaster. While on a slippery road, drivers should keep in mind to turn the wheel slowly and smoothly. You should turn the steering depending on how slippery the road is, what is the speed at which the turn is being made and how sharp the turn is. It is always wise to keep in mind that sudden moves are just not welcome on slippery roads. Whether it is applying the brakes or turning the steering, sudden moves should be strictly avoided.

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