The Process Involved With Creating And Fitting Dentures In Fairfield, Oh

byAlma Abell

It is devastating to have missing teeth, and whether it is due to physical trauma, genetics, or poor oral hygiene habits, the process of restoring a damaged smile can be expensive. Another option is to consider Dentures in Fairfield OH, as they can provide a person with a beautiful smile for a fraction of the cost of cosmetic procedures. Many individuals are leery of getting dentures because they aren’t sure what to expect, but the following will provide an overview of the process and help a person gain the knowledge they need to alleviate any fears.

Gum Preparation

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The first step is to prepare the gums for the dentures by removing any problem teeth that may still be present. If any of the teeth are correctly rooted, they can be used as an anchor for the dentures and result in the patient only requiring a partial plate. Once the gums have been addressed, the dentist will give them time to heal and then inspect them for any issues that could prohibit the next steps of the process.

Gum Line Impression

To make the dentures and ensure they provide a snug, fit the dentist will take several cast molds of the gum line. A tray filled with soft putty will be placed on the gums, and the patient will bite down to make an impression. The impression will then be filled with a casting material and sent off to the laboratory where the Dentures in Fairfield OH will be fabricated.

Final Fitting

Once the dentures have been received by the dentist, the patient will return for their final fitting. The dentist will insert the dentures in the mouth and ask the patient to speak and attempt to chew as they usually would. Any spots that cause pain or sensitivity can be adjusted on the spot until a comfortable fit has been obtained.

The process of getting dentures is relatively quick and painless. The team at the Colerain Denture Center offers custom denture fabrication and repair services and can help anyone obtain a beautiful smile they can be proud of. Visit to learn more and see why they have been a leading provider of denture services for more than 30 years.

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