Tool For Automation Testing: Selenium}

Tool for Automation Testing: Selenium



What is Automation Testing:-

Automation testing is a content composition method where programming analyzer composes contents by possesses and utilizes programming/applications to test the product. Manual testing process is been changed over into computerization process. For relapse testing, Automation testing likewise used to test the whole application from execution, stack and emphasize perspective.

For Automation testing it needs mechanization devices to compose and execute test cases. While executing a mechanized test suite, no manual inclusion is required. Programming analyzers compose test cases and test contents utilizing the computerization apparatus and gathering together to shape test suites.

The fundamental objective of Automation testing is to create programming esteem and increment the test proficiency.

A s/w analyzer is a man in charge of testing the product/application and is required to think in such an approach to discover as much conceivable cases as can be to guarantee the recently created framework/application is acting as wanted without meddling with existing circumstances/situation like framework crash downs, backing off the framework, make some current functionalities not work legitimately and so on.

On the off chance that we discuss selenium than Selenium is a standout amongst the most generally utilized computerization system which is been utilized now a days around the world. It is an open source robotization testing device which has a gathering of dialect particular ties to drive programs.


is cross-stage perfect, and backings many scripting dialects like C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby however most usually Java is favoured for mechanization testing. Computerization strategy is moderate and straightforward.

Segments of selenium:-


It is a module for Mozilla Firefox. The test cases are recorded and can be played. For comparing scripting dialects test steps can be changed over as needs be.

II) Selenium Web Driver:-

It drives a program locally either locally or on remote machines. It’s not attached to a specific test system.


Selenium Grid disseminates straightforwardly on different machines. It Tests keep running in parallel and chopping down the heap and time.

Why Selenium is viewed as an awesome device for Automation Testing?

Selenium is an open source test robotization system for web applications which do accompanies a suite of devices that help the advancement of computerized testing for web application. The suite for the most part incorporates:

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Selenium IDE: this is a component particularly for Mozilla Firefox which is regularly utilized for troubleshooting, recording and altering selenium contents.

Selenium RC: This is utilized to execute tests on different programs and frameworks.

Selenium Grid: This one aide in running and executing differing Selenium RC test cases simultaneously and do empowers isolation of tests crosswise over gadgets/programs for concurrent execution.

Selenium Web Drive: This is the most recent adaptation of Selenium which involves numerous Selenium APIs.

At the point when to automate a product/application:-

Automation testing can be utilized as a part of the accompanying situation of the Software/applications.

When Requirements don’t change habitually

The Obtain capacity of time

Access the application for load and execution with numerous virtual clients

When we have Huge and genuine tasks

When Projects that need to test similar regions regularly

Basic Steps to follow in Automation testing:-

There are many devices to compose robotization contents; it’s smarter to recognize the procedure before utilizing those apparatuses which can be utilized to mechanize the testing,

Make beyond any doubt the territories inside programming/application to mechanize

For test robotization pick the proper instrument

Do Write test contents

Do Develop the test suits

Do execute the test contents

Do Build the outcome reports

And at last discover conceivable bugs or execution issue to report it to Developers.

Favourable circumstances of Automation Testing:-

It Increases profitability

It Saves cash

It Increases programming/application quality

It Reduces testing time

It Support different programming/applications

It Increase testing scope

It Reduce the dreary work

For Greater consistency

Hindrances of selenium:-

Selenium must be utilized for testing web applications.

There is no device bolsters accessible as it is open source.

Selenium IDE must be introduced in Firefox.

Diverse Software testing apparatuses Available in Automation Testing:-

These are a few apparatuses which can be useful in Automation testing:

Silk Test


IBM Rational Functional Tester

Testing Anywhere

Test Complete

HP Quick Test Professional

Win Runner

Load Runner

Visual Studio Test Professional

Automation testing is easy to use, moderate and straightforward framework and an awesome approach to satisfy the vast majority of the testing objectives with compelling assets and time however no any device can satisfy 100% necessity. Continuously get that device that matches to your correct necessity and for rest part do the manual testing.

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