US Congress may re-establish the Luxury Tax

Monday, December 11, 2006

There are suppositions that the US Democratic Congress may re-establish the luxury taxes, which were already once introduced in the 1990s. The suppositions resulted in the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors commissioning a report on various tax issues.

Material goods such as jewelry, watches, expensive furs, jet planes, boats, yachts, and luxury cars had already been subjected to additional taxes back in 1990. After 3 years these taxes were repealed, though the luxury automobiles tax was still active for the next 13 years.

Rodderick A. DeArment, a representative of law firm and lobbyist Covington and Burling, guided the report. The report outlined the fact that, in 1993, the Congress did not collect as much money from the luxury taxes as it had predicted. It also stated that although its ravaging effect on employment in several industries was sensible, “the turnover that occurred in Congress made it possible for the new group to learn the same lessons again”.

The luxury tax could produce unpredictable effects for the watch industry and the report was meant to inform the members of this branch about the effects of these taxes on this luxury goods’ industry.

Five police officers killed in Dallas, Texas during sniper attack

Sunday, July 10, 2016

On Thursday, five police officers were killed and seven were injured after a sniper attacked a public protest march in downtown Dallas, Texas. Sources indicate at least three other people were taken into custody for questioning relating to the attack. The march was held to protest the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota during engagements with police officers.

Police identified 25-year-old Micah Johnson as the suspect. Johnson had previously served in the US army, and police reported he said he wanted to exact revenge upon police officers after news of Sterling and Castile’s deaths. Ammunition and weapons were found inside Johnson’s home. Dallas Police reported the policemen were shot at from a height. Officials said two civilians were also injured in the attack.

Micah Johnson served for the United States Army Reserve from 2009 until early 2015, including a tour of Afghanistan. Johnson had no criminal record. His attack was reported to be a lone mission.

After the attack earlier on Thursday, police killed Micah Johnson in El Centro College’s parking lot by a bomb explosion.

Hillary Clinton, 2016 United States presidential election candidate and favorite for the Democratic nomination this July, said, “There is too much violence, too much hate, too much senseless killing, too many people dead who shouldn’t be. No-one has all the answers. We have to find them together.”

After Johnson was killed, Mike Rawlings, Dallas’ mayor, said “We believe now the city is safe”.

Who Knows The Original Shape Of Mickey Mouse Is A Rabbit?

By Himfr Tian

“Steamboat Willie” landing the big screen. Today, well-known cartoon characters in the world “Mickey Mouse” was born on this day. Recently, the world only “fans” the most rats spent 80 years old birthday. Although Mickey Mouse’s “semi-retired” status has been maintained for a long time?? Last two years, it had not been seen on the big screen.

But its image and its exciting smile, still let it become the world’s most famous cartoon characters, and even more popular than Santa Claus. 80-year-old Mickey Mouse, not a gray hair, did not even change the image, even decades ago, wearing exactly the same with the red Bib. Indeed, Mickey Mouse, “semi-retired” status has been maintained for a long time?? Last two years, it had not been seen on the big screen. But its image and its exciting smile, still let it become the world’s most famous animated characters, and even more popular than Santa Claus.

Mickey Mouse story, in fact, began with a rabbit. In 1927, when the Disney or Universal Pictures, a subsidiary of animation branch, the Walt? Disney designed a name of “Oswald Lucky Rabbit” cartoon, in support of Universal Pictures and took some short film, the rabbit suddenly popular in the United States. The rabbit created by commercial interests, so that global jealous, then recover the copyright of this image, poor Walt? Disney, and it was “cheating” to go to their first animated character.

Not willing to Disney World employees, moving enough brains to “Oswald Lucky Rabbit” image-based, short-change the ear to design a more lovely than its cartoon image?? This is not a rabbit, but a mouse. Initially, Disney named Modi Mo to it. But the name has not been finally adopted, on the renamed this matter, saying there are many behind the scenes, the most popular argument is that, Walter? Disney’s wife did not like that name. “Mickey Mouse” was born.

YouTube Preview Image

November 18, 1928, the first sound cartoon “Steamboat Willie” premiered in New York and immediately created a box office miracle. The film’s main character Mickey Mouse real red. Subsequently, several similar to Mickey Mouse as the protagonist of the video came one after another in the months after, including Mickey Mouse to “play” the first pilot flying over the Pacific, Charles? Lindbergh’s “plane mad.” Less than one year, Mickey Mouse became a household name cartoon image of the United States. Walt? Disney took advantage of this trend and developed a series of Mickey Mouse image derivatives, two years later, they established a very welcome by the children, “Mickey Mouse Club.”

In 1935, a young animation designer Fred? Moore, Mickey Mouse made for the first “cosmetic” surgery. Its body into a peach-shaped, shorter nose, and gave it to bring a white glove, it looks more cute and flexible. That year, Mickey Mouse in color image and the audience. By 1937, every year to build 12 Disney Mickey Mouse animated short, it plays a football player in the film, hunters, tailors, conductor, military, or rescued Pluto the dog, or a second look the girlfriend Minnie was another bad boy hook to further efforts to bring beauty to come here.

In the 1950s, Mickey Mouse has the first theme park, also started in the newspaper comic strips, cartoons also appeared in major television stations. However, this time Disney has created a number of new animated films, such as “Bambi” and “Sleeping Beauty”, Mickey Mouse face rivals, the momentum did not fire the first few years then. From the 1953 short film “simple things” to the 1983 Christmas film, “Mickey’s Christmas songs,” between the Mickey Mouse whole “unemployment” for 30 years!

Although the screen has been a long time off, but Mickey Mouse ears that are still large and even the 20th century, the 21st century’s most famous symbol. Since the beginning Truman, every U.S. president (except Johnson) are related to close it off video, the newly elected Barack Obama the next U.S. president is no exception. With Andy? Warhol said, is his favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon.

Disney claims 3 to 11 years in the world’s children, 98% are aware of Mickey Mouse.

Probably it is no exaggeration. In 1988, Mickey Mouse in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit? “The return to the big screen, Warner Brothers” Bugs Bunny “also appears in the film, the two rival film company consultations, the two roles appear on the screen must be the same length of time. By the 21st century, Mickey Mouse has found in the fashion industry errand. Sarah? Jessica? Parker in “Sex and the City” put on Mickey Mouse pattern of tight T-shirt, its image has also entered a number of brand-name boutiques. In 2006, Mickey Mouse for the first time in three-dimensional movies. Now, turn on the TV and watch the Disney Channel, “Mickey Mouse Club” is still in the 2-6 year-olds in the most popular programs.

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New Jersey backpedals on proposed bikini waxing ban

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Jersey has reversed its plans for a state-wide ban on bikini waxing after salon owners from across the state spoke out against the proposal.

The New Jersey Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling planned to consider a ban on so-called “Brazilian waxes” in response to two women who reported being injured during a wax.

But state Consumer Affairs Director David Szuchman, who oversees the board, asked them to abandon the ban in favor of reviewing and establishing safeguards for those who provide the service.

“Many commentators have noted that the procedure could be safely performed,” Szuchman wrote in a letter to state board President Ronald Jerome Brown, according to the Asbury Park Press. “I, therefore, believe that there are alternative means to address any public health issues identified by the board.

Salon owners from across the state expressed relief with Szuchman’s decision.

“It was an unnecessary issue,” spa owner Linda Orsuto told the Associated Press. “In New Jersey especially, where the government has been picking our pockets for so long, it was like, ‘Just stay out of our pants, will you?'”

Although millions of Americans get bikini waxes, which generally cost between $50 and $60 per session, the practice comes with risks. Skin care experts say the hot wax can irritate delicate skin in the bikini area, and result in infections, ingrown hairs and rashes.

Waxing on the face, neck, abdomen, legs and arms are permitted in New Jersey. Although state statutes have always banned bikini waxing, the laws are seldom enforced because the wording is unclear.

If the measure had passed, New Jersey might have become the only US state to ban the practice outright.

Although Szuchman’s letter was crafted more as a recommendation than an order, media reports said the ban would likely never be approved without his support because his office oversees the board.

Scottish Midlothian car crash kills three

Monday, December 24, 2012

Two cars have been involved in a road traffic accident in the Scottish Lothian and Borders region, causing three fatalities and sending three to hospital. The incident occurred on the A68 road approximately 1.5 miles south of the Midlothian village of Pathhead when a Škoda Octavia and a Nissan Note travelling in opposite directions collided at approximately 0730 UTC today.

The Nissan, which was carrying five occupants, overturned and came to rest on its roof. Three male Buddhist monks who sat in the back of the car died at the site of the crash. The female driver of the vehicle managed to get out of the vehicle herself but another male passenger in the front of the car had to be cut free by fire service members. The two front-seat passengers as well as the male driver of the Škoda were hospitalised at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, although none of their injuries are considered likely to be fatal.

“This is a tragic incident,” Inspector Simon Bradshaw of Lothian and Borders Police said, “and we are currently in the process of carrying out inquiries in order to establish the full circumstances of the collision.” The A68 road close to the location of the accident was temporarily closed to allow police to investigate the incident, with traffic redirected to the B6370 road via the town of Gorebridge. The road has since reopened.

Police station attacked by car bomb in Basque Country, two officers injured

Friday, August 24, 2007

A police station of the Spanish Guardia Civil was attacked today Friday by a car bomb in the Basque city of Durango, injuring two policemen. It is believed to be the first serious attack of the separatist group ETA since it unilaterally ended a cease-fire in June. The blast caused serious damage to the police barracks in Durango, shattering windows and damaging police cars parked outside. Several nearby apartment buildings were also damaged. Police sources believe the bomb, estimated to contain between 80 and 100 kilograms of explosives, was detonated remotely by one of the two attackers who fled in another vehicle. Another car exploded about one hour later in the town of Amorebieta, possibly the one used by the activists to flee.

ETA detonated two small explosive devices on July 25 along the route that the Tour of France used when the race dipped into northern Spain for a few hours.

ETA called the cease-fire in March 2006, but grew frustrated with a lack of government concessions in ensuing peace talks, and set off a huge bomb in a parking area at Madrid’s airport on December 30, killing two people. It insisted then that the truce was still in effect, but finally declared it formally over in June, and Spanish security forces have been on alert ever since.

Toilet Repair Solutions You Should Know

Toilet Repair Solutions You Should Know



If something is wrong with your toilet bowl or tank, the easiest thing to do would be using the service of a professional toilet repair contractor. Because the toilet is one of the most frequently used house utilities, it is bound to break at some point or another. However, if you know some basic things about the toilet, then you will most likely be able to fix the most common problems and save some cash.

YouTube Preview Image

One common problem that you can fix it by yourself, without the help of any toilet repair contractor, is the flushing malfunctioning. Usually, this problem indicates that there is an object that is blocking the flow of the water from the tank to the bowl. Alternatively, this problem can also occur due to the wearing of the valve that ensures the water flow in the toilet. The simplest solution would be to replace the valve with a new one. If this does not solve the flushing problem, then you should take a look at the handle of the tank and check if it needs to be tightened. The leakage of the toilet tank is a very common problem. There are various reasons why the tank can leak, however the usual reasons are cracks in the tank, the wearing of the wax seal or the tank parts being too loose. In case the leakage is caused by cracks or loose parts, you can easily fix it by yourself. Simply tighten the loose parts if that is the cause of the leakage or replace your toilet tank, if you notice the cracks. However, if the leakage is caused by the wearing of the wax seal, then it is better to call a toilet repair contractor. It could be too much work for a non-professional. The non-stop water flow is another problem you will most likely have to fix once every couple of years. Even though this problem is more likely to happen in a public toilet, it does not mean that it will not happen at your home as well. The main cause of this problem is the toilet ball, which is a part found in the toilet tank and that is responsible with ensuring the water flow whenever the handle is pulled. The non-stop water flow is easy to observe and the best toilet repair solution that you can do is to check the position of the toilet ball. If the toilet ball is a bit too high, then all you need to do is lower it a couple of inches down. These are the most common problems homeowners may, or will, have to fix at least once every couple of years. Even though it is more convenient to have a toilet repair contractor fix the problem, the fact is that you may save some cash, as most toilet problems can be fixed by tightening loose parts or replacing the parts that wear out.



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Smoke from massive warehouse fire in Buffalo, New York USA can be seen 40 miles away

Monday, May 14, 2007

Buffalo, New York —A massive warehouse complex of at least 5 buildings caught on fire in Buffalo, New York on 111 Tonawanda Street, sending a plume of thick, jet black colored smoke into the air that could be seen as far away as 40 miles.

As of 6:40 a.m., the fire was under control, and firefighters were attempting to stop it from spreading, but could not get to the center of the fire because of severe amounts of debris. Later in the morning, the fire was extinguished.

“The fire is mostly under debris at this point. It’s under control, but it’s under some debris. We really can’t get to it. We’re just going to have to keep on pouring water on it so it doesn’t spread,” said Thomas Ashe, the fire chief for the North Buffalo based fire division who also added that at one point, at least 125 firefighters were on the scene battling the blaze. One suffered minor injures and was able to take himself to the hospital to seek medical attention.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. as many as 3 explosions rocked the warehouse sending large mushroom clouds of thick black smoke into the air. After the third explosion, heat could be felt more than 100 feet away. The fire started in the front, one story building then quickly spread to three others, but fire fighters managed to stop the flames from spreading onto the 3 story building all the way at the back.

According to a Buffalo Police officer, who wished not to be named, the fire began at about 7:00 p.m. [Eastern time], starting as a one alarm fire. By 8:00 p.m., three fire companies were on the scene battling the blaze. Police also say that a smaller fire was reported in the same building on Saturday night, which caused little damage.

At the start of the fire, traffic was backed up nearly 4 miles on the 198 expressway going west toward the 190 Interstate and police had to shut down the Tonawanda street exit because the road is too close to the fire.

At one point, traffic on the 198 was moving so slow, at least a dozen people were seen getting out of their cars and walking down the expressway to watch the fire. That prompted as many as 10 police cars to be dispatched to the scene to force individuals back into their cars and close off one of the 2 lanes on the westbound side.

One woman, who wished not to be named as she is close to the owner of the warehouse, said the building is filled with “classic cars, forklifts, and money” and that owner “does not have insurance” coverage on the property. The building is not considered abandoned, but firefighters said that it is vacant.

Officials in Fort Erie, Ontario were also swamped with calls to fire departments when the wind blew the smoke over the Niagra River and into Canada.

It is not known what caused the fire, but a car is suspected to have caught on fire and there are reports from police and hazmat crews, that there were also large barrels of diesel fuel being stored in one building. Firefighters say the cause of the blaze is being treated as “suspicious.” The ATF is investigating the fire and will bring dogs in to search the debris.

2008 Boao Forum for Asia starts with sectors on economy, environment, and the Internet

Sunday, April 13, 2008

“2008 Boao Forum for Asia” started two days ago in Bo’ao, Hainan, China, and participated with government and industrial executives worldwide. Because revolutions in the Web 3.0 era have made a major impact on global economy, several elites from the Internet industry like Kai-Fu Lee provided forecasts for this key industry in the forum.

Furthermore, Vincent Siew, the vice-president elect, provided his comments in the forum. But two coalitions (Pan-Blues and Pan-Greens) declared different comments on Siew’s participation.

But due to a hot topic of environment and greenhouse effect, Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, winner of 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, commented on this forum: “There were several sectors on energy-saving, not governments, but the public should play a great role in this global warming era.”

BHP halts operations after mine death in Western Australia

Sunday, February 5, 2006

A BHP Billiton nickel mine at Leinster, 645Km northeast of Perth, Western Australia has halted operations after the death of a mine worker. WA Police say Mark Quinn, 32, an employee of mining contractor MacMahon’s, working about 900 metres underground, was killed in an explosion.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known. Department of Community and Employment Protection investigators have travelled to the site from Kalgoorlie to conduct an inquiry.

Global resources giant BHP Billiton Ltd./Plc, says employees are being briefed and counselled over the incident. The mine will remain closed until the investigation is complete. Police will prepare a report for the coroner.

According to media reports, no-one else was injured in the explosion – the cause of which is not yet known. The accident comes almost two years after a BHP Billiton worker died in a gas explosion at the Boodarie iron plant in Port Hedland, WA. The plant was then abandoned after the incident in May 2004.

In April 2004, a man was killed at BHP Billiton’s Nelson Point facility, also at Port Hedland in WA. In May 2000 a truck driver was killed at a BHP Pilbara iron ore operation in WA. BHP Billiton employ some 37,000 people at over 100 operations in 25 countries.

Coal mines in the United States’ West Virginia district were also suspended earlier this week, due to increased amounts of miners’ deaths.