FIFA World Cup 2018 Day 2: Uruguay, Iran win three points each with late goals; Portugal-Spain share the spoils

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Yesterday, day two of the 2018 FIFA football World Cup, Uruguay defeated Egypt 1–0 with an 89th minute winner scored by José Giménez; Iran defeated Morocco 1–0 due to Aziz Bouhaddouz’s own goal moments before the final whistle; and in the final match of the night, Portugal vs Spain, both the sides scored three goals, with Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a late equaliser and completing his hat-trick.

Uruguay dominated in ball possession. Uruguayan forward Luis Suárez had multiple attempts on the goal, but was denied by goalkeeper Mohamed El Shenawy. Both sides built up attacks in the first half, but could not convert any into a goal. Just at the start of the second half, Suárez came close to scoring the opener of the day but was stopped. Egypt made the first substitution of the game in the 50th minute, when Tarek Hamed was substituted off for Sam Morsy due to injury. Uruguay created multiple chances in the second half as well, and Edinson Cavani’s came very close to putting the South Americans in the lead in the 88th minute, but the ball hit the goal post. A minute later, in the 89th minute, José Giménez scored a header from Carlos Sánchez’s free kick. Egypt’s Sam Morsy and Ahmed Hegazi were shown yellow cards in the injury time.

Uruguay had four shots on target in the entire match. Egyptian shot-stopper Mohamed El Shenawy was elected the Budweiser Man of the Match.

Egypt’s Mohamed Salah, who scored 44 goals for Liverpool FC in the 2017–18 season, was an unused substitute. After the match, Egypt’s coach Hector Cuper said, “Salah is an important player for us but you need to have a good team, and we have a good team. Salah will have an important role for us in the future matches […] We wanted to avoid risks [to Salah] in this match, but I think he will be fine for the next game.” Three weeks ago, in the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid, Salah was substituted off due to a shoulder injury.

This was Uruguay’s first victory in their opening game of the World Cup tournament since they defeated Israel in 1970. Egypt are yet to win their first game in a World Cup tournament.

In the first Group B match of this tournament, Morocco dominated in ball possession. The African side won a free kick in the first minute of the game, however, Amine Harit could not convert it to a goal. Morocco started the game with the attacking style, with two more attempts in the first ten minutes. Masoud Shojaei was the first player to be booked in the match. As the first half progressed, Iran made a few attempts, and goalkeepers at both the ends were put to the test and prevented the ball finding the back of the net. The first half ended with 0–0 on the scoreline.

The first substitution of the match came in the 68th minute when Iran’s Masoud Shojaei was called off for Mehdi Taremi. Morocco made their first change in the 76th minute when Noureddine Amrabat was replaced by his brother Sofyan Amrabat due to injury. With multiple players getting injured in the second half, and multiple fouls committed, Iran’s Karim Ansarifard was booked in the injury time. In the ending minutes of the game, Sofyan Amrabat’s foul led to Iran winning a free kick. Aziz Bouhaddouz scored an own goal heading the ball in the back of his own net, and putting Iranians 1–0 up in the injury time.

After the defeat, Morocco’s coach Herve Renard said, “I’m feeling disappointed and if we had come out with a draw I would’ve also been disappointed considering the way the game played out. A defeat, when you had quite a few opportunities, it is the worst thing that could have happened in injury time.”

Morocco has never won their opening match of a FIFA World Cup tournament.

In the last game of the night, 2016 UEFA Euro champions Portugal took on Spain. Spain dominated in ball possession. In the third minute of the game, Portugal won a penalty kick, as Spanish defender Nacho brought down Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo in the penalty area. Ronaldo scored from the spot kick in the right corner. Spanish midfielder Sergio Busquets was shown a yellow card in the 17th minute for a bad foul. Diego Costa scored an equaliser in the 24th minute, netting the ball in the left corner while surrounded by five Portuguese players. Two minutes later, Isco’s chance to put Spain in the lead was stopped. Portugal’s Bruno Fernandes was booked in the 28th minute. The Spaniards had multiple attempts for the goal as the match progressed. In the 44th minute, Ronaldo scored his second goal, giving Portugal a one-goal lead right before the halftime. Gonçalo Guedes provided the assist for Ronaldo, and Spanish shot-stopper David de Gea could not control Ronaldo’s shot. The first half ended with 2–1 on the scoreboard.

Ten minutes in the second half, Costa scored the second equaliser of the night from Busquets’s assist and three minutes later, in the 58th minute, Nacho scored a right-footed shot from outside the box, putting Spain into the lead. Portugal won a free kick in the 86th minute, and Ronaldo converted the free kick into a goal, scoring his 51st hat-trick of his career and equalising for Portugal. The final score was 3–3, with both the sides sharing one point each.

After the match, Spain’s newly appointed coach Fernando Hierro said, “We feel very proud of the players, we have come back and equalised twice so we feel a great commitment and pride.”

Group A standings as of June 15

Country Played Won Draw Loss Goalsfor Goalsagainst Goaldifference Pts
?? Russia 1 1 0 0 5 0  5 3
?? Uruguay 1 1 0 0 1 0  1 3
?? Egypt 1 0 0 1 0 1 -1 0
?? Saudi Arabia 1 0 0 1 0 5 -5 0

Group B standings as of June 15

Country Played Won Draw Loss Goalsfor Goalsagainst Goaldifference Pts
?? Iran 1 1 0 0 1 0  1 3
?? Portugal 1 0 1 0 3 3  0 1
?? Spain 1 0 1 0 3 3  0 1
?? Morocco 1 0 0 1 0 1 -1 0

June 15, 2018 1700 YEKT (UTC+0500)
Egypt ?? 0–1 ?? Uruguay Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg, Russia Attendance: 27,015 Referee: Björn Kuipers (Netherlands)
Sam Morsy 90+4’Ahmed Hegazy 90+6′ (0–0) HT José Giménez 89′

June 15, 2018 1800 MSK (UTC+0300)
Morocco ?? 0–1 ?? Iran Saint Petersburg Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Russia Attendance: 62,548 Referee: Cüneyt Çak?r (Turkey)
Karim El Ahmadi 34′ (0–0) HT Aziz Bouhaddouz 90+5′ (o.g.)Masoud Shojaei 10’Alireza Jahanbakhsh 47’Karim El Ahmadi 90+2′

June 15, 2018 2100 MSK (UTC+0300)
Portugal ?? 3–3 ?? Spain Fisht Stadium, Sochi, Russia Attendance: 43,866 Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (Italy)
Cristiano Ronaldo 4′ (pen)Cristiano Ronaldo 44’Cristiano Ronaldo 88’Bruno Fernandez 28′ (2–1) HT Diego Costa 24’Diego Costa 55’Nacho 58’Sergio Busquets 17′

Occupation in London enters fifth day

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street and other “Occupy” protests, activists set up camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London on Saturday, and they plan to remain indefinitely. The protest thus far has been described as “largely peaceful” by a police spokesman.

On Saturday, an estimated thousand or more people attempted to protest in Paternoster Square, the site of the London Stock Exchange, but were blocked by police enforcing a High Court judgment. Julian Assange from Wikileaks also joined the protest to address the activists. A flag flies over the occupation showing the ‘Anonymous’ logo of a headless man in a black suit.

At around 9:30am Wednesday, many campers were still asleep, but around 30–50 people were listening in solidarity to trade union representatives from the National Shop Stewards Network, while 20 to 30 officers from the City of London police watched on. On the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the speakers spoke about a variety of struggles including strikes by electricians that started in August against Balfour Beatty, one of Britain’s largest construction firms. Solidarity was expressed with the travellers at Dale Farm, and speakers described how the media and others were trying to “divide” workers, students and elderly people. One of the speakers said that while today they are occupying the square in London, “tomorrow we will be occupying universities and colleges” and spoke of the suspension of Vik Chechi, the Unison branch secretary who has been suspended by Queen Mary University. By 9:45am, the trade union talks had finished and the sound system was reactivated and reggae music started playing.

After the talks peter out, activity begins to resume on the site: people sorting out tents and serving food, under signs and banners playfully mixing politics (“The London Stock Exchange: Britain’s Biggest Casino”) with Internet memes (a Reddit cartoon man depicted saying “Y U NO JOIN US?”).

NASA launches satellites to study northern lights

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Delta II rocket blasted off from NASA’s Cape Canaveral launch pad today, carrying five satellites designed to investigate the northern lights and the electromagnetic storms that cause them. The launch had been twice delayed due to bad weather, but was eventually performed at 23:00 UTC.

NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have collectively invested $200 million in the mission, known as the THEMIS Project. Through this mission, they hope to develop better techniques to forecast electromagnetic storms, in order to protect communication satellites, power grids, and spacewalking astronauts. Scientists from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary also helped with the project.

The Sun continuously sends a stream of charged particles, called the solar wind, at the Earth. We are generally protected from the solar wind by the Earth’s magnetosphere. During substorms, however, the magnetosphere gets overloaded by the solar wind and the magnetic field lines stretch until they eventually snap back, energizing and flinging electrically charged particles towards Earth.

Scientists want to find out what snaps in the overloaded magnetosphere to trigger a substorm.

Firefighters rescue nearly a dozen animals in Buffalo, New York house fire

Friday, June 22, 2007

Buffalo, New York —A three alarm fire at a house owned by John and Evelyn Bencinich, two of the initiators of a lawsuit filed against the Elmwood Village Hotel proposal in Buffalo, required firefighters to rescue eight cats and two dogs in Buffalo, New York today.

At about 8:30 (eastern time) firefighters were called to the home on 48 Granger Place to put out a fire that had started in the basement. It quickly spread to the first floor where the main bathroom was destroyed. The fire did not spread to the second floor or attic.

Initial calls said that many animals were inside the house and firefighters quickly worked to rescue all the cats and dogs. At least one cat and one dog had to receive CPR and oxygen, but both are reported to be in stable condition. At least 3 cats are unaccounted for, but after a search of the house, the cats were not believed to have been inside at the time the fire started.

One elderly woman, Anna Bencinich, the mother of Evelyn, was rescued by neighbors who helped her from the burning house.

“There was smoke all over the house. The fire started in the basement and spread to a small portion of the first floor. Two firefighters were injured while fighting the fire and were transported to Erie County Medical Center,” said Division Fire Chief Thomas Ashe who also said that sections of the kitchen wall at the back of the house had to be torn out to stop the fire from spreading through the walls.

One firefighter is being treated for bite injuries to his face that he received while attempting to rescue a dog. The other firefighter was treated for injuries he received to his hand, which was believed to have been caused by glass or a cat scratching him. The names of the injured firefighters are not known. The injuries are said to not be life threatening.

According to witness reports, the home owners had a new water heater installed just last week, but it is not known if the fire was caused by the heater.

“We believe the fire was caused by an electrical (malfunction). An investigation is being conducted,” said Battalion Chief Joe Fahey who also added that they did not believe arson was the cause.

A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England

Monday, May 9, 2005

At the Sellafield reprocessing plant, a leak in the process was spotted on April 19. The leak did not cause danger to people or the environment but it disturbed the normal operation of the plant.

Workers at the plant noticed a discrepancy in the amount of material being reprocessed that enters pipes that lead to a set of centrifuges and the amount of material actually arriving at the centrifuges. They used remote cameras to find the crack where the material was escaping; over twenty tonnes have leaked into a steel lined chamber.

The material, consisting of mostly uranium and some plutonium dissolved in nitric acid, would have been reprocessed in the centrifuges. The large stainless steel chamber that now contains the spilled material is too dangerous to enter due to radioactivity, though it poses no danger to those inside or outside the plant.

The plant has been shut down pending repairs.

ISS crew bypass faulty switch to power-up computers

Saturday, June 16, 2007

NASA said yesterday that four lanes (processing channels) out of six on the two navigational and support computers that had crashed earlier in the week on the International Space Station (ISS) were now operational and may be put back online today.

The two computers, the Russian Central Computer and Terminal Computer, each have three lanes of processing capability, although only one lane is required for operation. All three lanes on each computer had failed, but the ISS crew were able to restore two lanes on each computer.

Two processors, one from each of the computers, could not be restored and will be replaced.

“I think we’re in good shape. We feel like the computers are stable and back to normal. We still have a lot of options to go through to recover these machines. We’ve got a talented group of people to look at attitude control,” said ISS Program Manager Mike Suffredini during a press conference on Friday.

Suffredini also said that the power levels to the computers were “just fine. We are in a very good position from a life-support perspective.”

A power switch was bypassed by Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Fyodor Yurchikhin using a cable, which allowed at least four of the computers to re-boot. The computers are expected to be tested in the morning, after they have run overnight.

The navigation computers provide backup attitude control and orbital altitude adjustments. For now, the station’s control moment gyroscopes are handling attitude control, with the shuttle’s propulsion system providing backup.

It is not known what initially caused the computers to fail, but Russian engineers say that it could have been a problem with power supply.

“We have plenty of resources, so we have plenty of time to sort this out,” said Suffredini on Thursday.

Choosing Shoes For Your Wedding Day

Submitted by: Trevor Richards

When it comes to the task of planning your wedding, there are innumerable important tasks which need to be taken care of. Each of these jobs is as important as the next and must be given particular attention if your big day is to be anywhere near as special as you deserve. One of the first things that a bride thinks about is her dress, however it is vital that careful considerations is also give to the shoes too.

The first thing to remember when choosing your shoes is to not go for anything too elaborate. There’s no sense it buying shoes which will make you look tall – what’s the point when you’ve already landed the man of your dreams? It is also worth bearing in mind that in most cases your shoes will actually cover your shoes so making a fashion statement with them may not be the most important thing in the world.

YouTube Preview Image

On the subject of heels, it is entirely your decision as to whether you go for high or low heels. Wedding shoes don’t necessarily need to be flat, however you may find that there are a much wider selection of different styles of shoes which have a heel of one inch or smaller. You can almost be forgiven if comfort takes a back seat to style, however bear in mind that you will most likely be wearing these shoes all day. You may start the day feeling on top of the world in your beautiful shoes; however the last thing you will want is to finish the day in agony. If your budget will allow it, why not choose some shoes for the wedding ceremony itself and then select another style of wedding shoes for the reception.

Buying wedding shoes can be a frustrating experience as you will be able to get a pair in any size and style, however more often than not the problem that you will face is that they will be white. If you are after white shoes then that’s great, however if you’re after any other colour this could complicate things somewhat as they will require dying. There are specialist suppliers who will be able to take care of this for you, however it would be recommended that you wear the shoes in a little first to make sure that you have chosen a comfortable pair.

One of the best things about wedding shoes is that not only will you will be able to wear them on your special day, but you will be able to keep them for other special occasions and dye them again if necessary. For the bride who is on a budget, a good idea would be to search online to see which of the specialist retailers you find will sell you the shoes you like at the best price. Online shops have lower overheads and this may be reflected in their prices – spend a bit of time searching and see if you can grab yourself a bargain!

About the Author: Trevor Richards writes for Queens & Bowl (, UK retailers of beautiful

wedding shoes



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UN Secretary-General expresses concern about crises in Chad, Kenya, Sudan

Thursday, February 7, 2008

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed concern about crises in Chad, Kenya, and the Sudan. The U.N. chief is recently back from Africa where he attended the African Union summit in Ethiopia and met with leaders in Kenya.

On rebel efforts to overthrow the government in Chad in recent days, the secretary-general welcomed an African Union initiative to have the leaders of Libya and the Democratic Republic of Congo mediate the crisis. He says the United Nations will do its utmost to help resolve the crisis, urging the Security Council to act swiftly to help bring an end to the violence.

“It has devastating consequences not only for the people of Chad and Darfurian refugees seeking shelter there, but also for Darfur itself,” said Ban.

Mr. Ban told reporters the situation in the neighboring Darfur region of Sudan is no less troubling. He says the deployment of the AU-U.N. peacekeeping force, known as UNAMID, must be sped up and urged member states to properly equip the troops.

“UNAMID still lacks required aviation and ground transportation – chiefly helicopters. Additional troops will not make up for this shortfall,” said Ban. “Those countries that called for intervention in Darfur are under special obligation to deliver on their promises.”

While at the AU summit, Mr. Ban says he discussed some of the outstanding issues affecting the deployment with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, and he expects the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) to be signed this week. But Mr. Ban remained vague on whether some of the agreement’s sticking points – such as night flights, land agreements, and advance notice of U.N. movements – had been settled.

On Kenya, Mr. Ban says he has been deeply engaged in the post-election crisis and told political leaders during his visit there that they bear particular responsibility for the future of Kenya.

“I stressed to all the Kenyan leaders the need to stop the unacceptable violence and killings, and to resolve their differences through dialogue and democratic process. I also appealed to all the political leaders to think beyond their individual interests or party lines and to look to the future of Kenya as one country,” he said.

Mr. Ban also met in Nairobi with his U.N. predecessor, Kofi Annan, who is leading the panel of eminent Africans trying to mediate the crisis, and said they discussed his roadmap for the talks.

Security of U.N. personnel in Africa and elsewhere has been high on the secretary-general’s agenda, especially in the wake of the December bombing in Algeria that killed 17 staff members. Mr. Ban announced that he is naming diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi to chair an independent panel on safety and security of U.N. personnel and premises. Brahimi is an Algerian, but Mr. Ban says he has no concerns about his fairness or objectivity in heading up the panel.

Chili Finger Incident

Friday, May 6, 2005

On Thursday the 22nd of March, 2005, Anna Ayala, a woman from Las Vegas, claimed to have found a human finger in her bowl of chili at a Wendy’s restaurant located at 1405 Monterey Highway, just south of downtown San Jose, California, owned by Fresno-based Jern Management.. The finger, which probably belonged to a woman as it had a long and manicured fingernail, did not belong to any of the restaurant employees. The food supplies were seized by officials to be traced back to its manufacturers, while the restaurant was permitted to open again later with chili prepared from fresh ingredients.


  • 1 Aftermath
  • 2 Investigation centers on Ayala
  • 3 Twists and turns
  • 4 Ayala arrested
  • 5 Ayala transferred to San Jose
  • 6 Finger’s owner identified
  • 7 Recently Edited headlines

Wikinews reporter David Vasquez drove his car up to the drive-thru menu and found that chili was still on the menu, at a price of US$1.19 for a small serving. He also witnessed workers unloading supplies from a semi-trailer truck in the restaurant’s parking lot, and carting them into the back door of the establishment.

Initially, county health officials said Ayala was fine and the finger had been cooked, which would have killed any bacteriae in the finger. However, on March 27, officials admitted they were not so sure anymore. Tests were done on the finger to determine this. Dr. Martin Fenstersheib, Santa Clara County’s health officer, said that even if the finger was still raw when Ayala bit into it, the risk was low that she would have become infected with anything. However, he advised that Ayala should undergo a series of precautionary follow-up tests.

Sales at Wendy’s went down because of the incident. Wendy’s International, Inc. (WEN) closed at US$39.43 on Thursday the 22nd, and as the stock exchange was closed for the Good Friday holiday, traders did not weigh in the stock until the next Monday.

By Tuesday the 5th of April, officials had still not succeeded in tracking down the owner of the finger. The fingerprint on the detached digit has been run through an FBI database as well as the local criminal database in Santa Clara County, but no matches were found. According to Rich Reneau, who was leading the investigation at the time, the fingerprint was marginal, and the likelihood of finding a match was slim.

Wendy’s stock did not go down significantly and was trading at US$39.37 that morning.

The next day, on Wednesday the 6th, Las Vegas police searched the home of Anna Ayala. About a dozen officers conducted the search at Ayala’s home at Maryland Parkway and Serene Street at about 4 p.m. local time (23:00 UTC), according to witnesses at the scene. Ayala and other residents were handcuffed and brought out of the house. Ayala said that her teenage daughter, Genesis Reyes, had torn shoulder ligaments as a result of the search. The Las Vegas Review-Journal ran a photo of Reyes wearing a sling in their Friday edition. In San Jose, police spokeswoman Gina Tepoorten confirmed to reporters that investigators had served the warrant in cooperation with Las Vegas police on Wednesday, but she refused to reveal specific details about the warrant. By that time, Wendy’s was offering a US$50,000 reward for information leading to the source of the finger.

Research by the Associated Press uncovered Ayala’s history of lawsuits. Ayala successfully won her suit for medical expenses against the national El Pollo Loco chicken-chain, a previous employer, after her daughter Genesis contracted salmonella poisoning, allegedly from eating at the restaurant. However, Ayala lost another suit against General Motors in 2000 claiming that a wheel fell off her car. She also started a sexual harassment suit against her former boss in 1998. A total of 13 lawsuits in California and Nevada had been filed. Ayala replied the focus should be on Wendy’s, and not her record of law suits. Nick Muyo, a spokesman for the San Jose Police department, said not to expect new information in the case for at least a week.

On Wednesday the 13th there was a potential new lead in the investigation. A spotted leopard had torn off part of a finger from an owner of exotic animals, Sandy Allman, in Pahrump, Nevada. The portion of Allman’s torn off finger was approximately the same size – 1 1/2-inches long. Pahrump is approximately 45 miles away from Las Vegas. Carol Asvestas, who owns an exotic animal sanctuary, told the San Jose Mercury News she witnessed the leopard tear off the finger. She reported the incident to a hotline run by Wendy’s offering the US$50,000 reward. Cindy Carroccio told the San Jose Mercury News that the finger was not reattached, and that the clinic “gave it back to her (Allman) in a little bag of ice.” On the same day the lead was announced, Ayala decided to drop her lawsuit against Wendy’s, due to emotional stress.

However, when Allman’s prints were sent to San Jose police, they didn’t match. Two days later, on Friday the 15th, Wendy’s doubled the reward to US$100,000. The company revealed that employees had passed polygraph tests. Wendy’s continues to claim that there is no evidence that the finger ever entered their supply chain, pointing to a lack of any accidents among the workers at their suppliers. Wendy’s tip line had received reports from across the United States, from “folks who either have lost a finger, or know somebody who lost a finger,” San Jose police Sgt. Nick Muyo told the Associated Press.

On Thursday the 21st of April, Anna Ayala was arrested at or near her home in Las Vegas on Thursday evening, in connection with the case, shortly after Wendy’s finished its own internal investigation. According to court documents, she has been charged with one count of attempted grand larceny related to the chili case, and one count of grand larceny in an unrelated real estate deal, and is being held without bail in Clark County, Nevada, pending extradition. A press conference by the San Jose Police and Wendy’s was held on Friday, April 22, at 13:00 PDT. The charge related to the case states the finger could not have been prepared at Wendy’s, where the chili is heated to 170 degrees for 3 hours. There is also an inconsistency in Ayala’s account of finding the finger and claiming it caused her to vomit compared with police saying there was no vomit at the scene. The incident has caused Wendy’s 2.5 million dollars worth of damages, which Ayala could be criminally responsible for. Until recently, the San Jose police had not accused Ayala of planting the finger herself.

The unrelated charge stems from an incident, also in San Jose, when Ayala allegedly received an $11,000 down payment on a mobile home she did not own.

Ayala was incarcerated at the Clark County Detention Center, awaiting a fugitive review hearing on Tuesday, April 26, 2005, at 7:30 a.m. local time. She was processed and given inmate ID 01964047. Her case number was 05F07229X. Ayala waived extradition at the hearing, and her attorney said they were ready to come to San Jose to defend against the charges.

On Friday, May 6, 2005, Ayala was transported to San Jose, California. Ayala was booked into the main Santa Clara County jail, and is awaiting arraignment. Ayala will likely be arraigned on Monday or Tuesday at the Santa Clara County Superior Court, according to Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney David Boyd.

On September 9, 2005, Ayala plead guilty to conspiring to file a false claim and attempted grand theft, and will be sentenced on November 2, 2005. She faces up to ten years in prison, and her husband faces up to 13 years behind bars.

Until the middle of May, the owner of the finger still had not been found.

But on May 13, 2005, police announced that they had identified the finger tip as belonging to an associate of Ayala’s husband [1]. The associate had lost his finger tip in an industrial accident at an asphalt company[2] in December, 2004. Police had received the information from an undisclosed caller to Wendy’s hot-line.

Photos related to this incident:

Curfew in Haryana as protesters demand reservation for Jat quota

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A growing number of cities in the Indian state Haryana have been under curfew since Friday. At least eight people are reported dead, with government offices, property, dozens of buses, and eight railway stations burned after protests over job quotas for the Jat caste turned violent in several cities including Rohtak, Bhiwani, and Jhajjar. Reportedly some protesters broke into an armory in Rohtak, stealing arms and ammunition.

I appeal to all my fellow Haryanvis to maintain law & order in the State, and ensure that harmony is maintained in society.

Shoot-at-sight was ordered for Rohtak, Bhiwani, Sonipat, Panipat, Jhajjar, Jind and Hisar. Shops, hotels, and restaurants were set afire by protesters. Thirteen national army columns were called, and helicopters were used to reach various places in the state. Internet was disabled in affected districts, and the state government ordered blocks of all social networking websites.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar held a meeting to decide if Jats should also gain the reservation rights for government jobs and colleges by classifying them under Other Backwards Castes.

Burning of stations and uprooting of tracks affected 810 scheduled trains, according to The Indian Express. Police said protesters torched Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu’s house. The state might face water crises. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was to hold the Haryana Central Teacher Eligibility Test today, but cited “administrative difficulties” for suspending it.

Back in 2014, the UPA government appealed for a Jat quota which was rejected by the Supreme Court. This morning, Manohar Khattar tweeted “I appeal to all my fellow Haryanvis to maintain law & order in the State, and ensure that harmony is maintained in society.”

Last year, similar protest took place in Gujarat as Patels protested for reservation led by Hardik Patel.