Negotiate Medical Debt Settlement On Your Own

By Sean A. Kelly

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes just when you think you have things under control, life goes and throws you a curve ball. Medical debts are one such curveball that you probably could do without. However, many Americans may not have health insurance and they may find themselves in huge medical debts. For those with health insurance they may suddenly receive an unexpected medical bill that they thought was paid for by the insurance company only to find out that the treatment they went through was not covered by their insurance and now they must be responsible for it. When such a thing happens, you may want to brush up your haggling skills because you might need to negotiate medical debt with the hospital or doctor that you went to for your treatment.

My friend, Sam, learned how to haggle with her doctors and hospital bill collectors the hard way. Sam had no health insurance and when the bills came for her daughter’s surgery, she panicked. She was already working two jobs but still could not afford to pay the hospital bills. Basically it would clean her finances out. So what was a desperate woman to do? Sam decided to try to negotiate medical debt with the hospital. Of course, Sam had no training in negotiating anything nor was she formally educated when it comes to finances and medical bills. She just had to do what she had to do. The first thing Sam did was to go straight to the doctor. Although she was intimidated by the doctor she knew she had to speak up. Sam explained about her financial situation and asked the doctor to consider giving her a discount and a payment plan so she could pay her debt in installments.

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The doctor, although very helpful, could not really offer her the discount she needed because according to him only the hospital could do that. So Sam had to take her somewhat limited debt negotiation skills down to the billing department. However, she went into the lion’s den unprepared so suffice to say that she was unsuccessful in her quest. Sam went home quite dejected but she picked herself up and started to educate herself on the things she would need to do to successfully negotiate her way out of a huge medical debt. She decided to work out a clear repayment plan that would suit her monthly budget. She could not pay her debts all at once so she worked out an installment plan based on the amount that she could spare every month. She also made a point not to add more to her debts by paying off the hospital bills with her credit card because she thought that would only make matters worse.

A few days later, Sam went back to the hospital better prepared and met with the bill collector to negotiate a debt settlement with the hospital. Of course, the hospital representative was not too happy especially when Sam asked for a reduction in the pay off amount. But this time Sam came prepared. She laid out her financial situation as comprehensively as she could and even provided documents to show that there was simply no way she could afford to pay the hospital bills in full with her current income. She also asked the doctor that performed surgery on her daughter to help her convince the hospital representative to allow her to pay off her debts in installments. When she showed the representative her complete repayment schedule, she got what she came for.

Basically, Sam’s predicament could happen to any one of us and like Sam, we probably would not know how to successfully negotiate a debt reduction. On the other end of the spectrum, hospitals may also be a lot like other creditors. They would not like to lose all their money. So by showing them your earnest intention to pay your bills, albeit a reduced amount, they may find debt reduction more favorable as opposed to having to dispose off your debt as bad debt. You may have to educate yourself on negotiating skills like those of Sam but if you are persistent and stay on your course you may be able to save yourself the stress of paying off a huge debt.

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Selecting The Right Visa Credit Card

By Darlene Berkel

The Visa Credit Card Company

Visa credit cards are a accepted all over the world, and their card services are available to a wide range of customers as well. Visa offers a variety of cards, and it is likely you will be able to find the right card for your needs.

The Visa Credit Card Company offers an online survey that helps prospective cardholders to choose the right card for them. The survey asks a few questions about the users needs and circumstances and the ‘online advisor’ will pick out the right card and direct the user to the visa credit card application form for the card that suits them.

First Time Applicants and Rebuilding Credit

The Classic Visa credit card is a simple card with a low spending limit; the card covers complimentary rental car insurance, will secure a lodging reservation, and can be used for everyday purchases.

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The Student Visa Credit Cards will give students great money saving opportunities such as no annual fee, low annual percentage rates, reward or rebate points for purchases of school related items, and some cards will even give extra reward points for making good grades and using their credit wisely.

Visa even offer a pre-paid credit card for those who do not wish to be at risk of running up debt. The Buxx Visa credit card works just like a gift card, except that it can be re-loaded, and works anywhere that Visa is accepted. It is ideal as a ‘first card’ for children, since the parents select how much the child can spend, and there is no risk of a huge bill landing on the doorstep. It also makes a nice alternative to carrying cash around while you are travelling.

The Secured Visa Credit Card is another pre-paid credit card, except this credit card has all the power and responsibility of a real credit card; it is subject to annual percentage rates, finance charges, annual fees, and Visa will report the credit bureaus to help someone with no credit or credit problems establish new credit.

Gold and Premium Cards

Visa credit cards are available in a wide range of service levels; the premium cards include the gold, platinum and signature cards. Each of these cards is available from a variety of financial institutions; many people will find their local bank or credit union will carry the premium card of their choice.

The Gold Visa credit card will have a higher credit spending limit and higher credit standards to qualify for the card; the gold card will also offer the same services associated with a Classic Visa credit card.

The Platinum Visa credit card will have an even higher credit spending limit and require a very high credit rating to qualify for the card; the Visa Platinum card will have the same auto rental collision damage waver insurance as the Visa Classic card, as well as Visa’s Standard services.

The Signature Visa credit card is the most premier of all Visa credit card offerings; with super premier features such as travel insurance, rewards programs and many other high end services.

There are Visa cards for all types of customer, and Visa have made it easy for people to choose the right card for you. All you need to do is head over to their web site and let the survey guide you to the right card for your needs. You can even apply on the web site, and it only takes a few minutes – no paper forms, no hassle.

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Free Online Money Secrets Finally Revealed}

Submitted by: Prince Samuels

One of the most lucrative aspects of affiliate marketing is in being able to build an online income even without a

product of your own. Ideally, you must have a web page where you can place advertisements and links that can help market products or reroute customers to the sellers web page. Your Internet earnings depend on commissions.

It is your decision to select which affiliate program you’re going to promote. You’ll be able to choose between pay per click, pay per sale, and pay per lead programs. In pay per click, you will bring in a commission every time an individual follows the ads you have on your website. In pay per sale, you can be given a percentage each time a purchase happens. In pay per lead, you will make a payment whenever a future customer is redirected from your web page to the web page of the owner.

Have you ever found yourself short on cash or low on funds in-between paychecks? Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes asking family or friends for a quick cash loan isn’t the answer either, especially if you prefer to keep your personal business, well, personal. Now you can benefit though a financial service known as a cash advance.

It is very important to decide on a company or a merchant that provides large commissions. Your Internet income can also be larger if the company or the merchant tracks consumers for multiple sales and also features multiple tiers. Therefore, you are able to be given recurring commissions and will even receive a percentage any time each of your affiliates creates a sale. Also, choose an affiliate program that gives many products.

If you are running out of cash before the next pay day, there are cash advance companies to help you meet your needs. Gone are the days when the lack of immediate cash can bring you a lot of pain and instability in your finances.

Another way to make inactive Internet profits is to supply information to several websites. You can publish product critiques, how-to articles, etc. Article writing is pretty easy. You need to simply have the expertise and the sources. Investigate your topics well and write down your thoughts. Article websites are favored by search engines and your articles position you as an expert in your field. The resource box at the end of an article can be used to encourage readers to visit your website.

It’s also possible to make money by blogging. Keeping a blog site is easier than writing for different websites. You don’t need to focus on a selected theme. You can actually write anything you want. Additionally, there are no deadlines. All you need to accomplish is monetize your blog by means of ads, revise it every so often, and find ways to draw in more traffic.

In the beginning, you may find online money-making options a total waste of time. However , you should not give up as it takes time to develop a passive online income before you start to see results.

About the Author: I’m Prince Samuels. 33 years old internet network marketer. I’ve been involved with marketing network marketing for the past 5 years now, and it’s a great profession to be part of. There are many rewards and benefits for those that are willing to put in the effort.


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