Dental Procedures That Whiten Teeth

Dental Procedures that Whiten Teeth


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There are a lot of different commercial options that are currently offered in the market for whitening teeth. Such could range from dental strips and trays to brushes, flosses, and mouthwashes that are approved by dental associations. However, the most effective solution for whitening teeth is still seeing a dentist regularly.

The efficiency of the teeth whitening treatment performed by a dentist is in the instruments and specialized products that they utilize. First on the list is hydrogen peroxide gel with fifteen to thirty five percent concentration levels. The dentist will also use a dental jacket to protect the gums from the some harmful effects of the substance. The final instrument found in the dentist s arsenal is the laser, which increases the whitening treatment of the hydrogen peroxide gel.

Teeth whitening treatment begins with the application of the protective jacket on the gums. These mouth pieces are placed strategically on the areas of the gums that are subject to the great concentration of the hydrogen peroxide gel. The dentist might also utilize of specialized clamps to hold your mouth wide open in order to have a much a broader access on your gums and teeth. After the gums have been completely protected, the dentist will carefully apply the gel throughout the teeth surface.

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The hydrogen peroxide gel is then allowed to saturate the teeth for an ample amount of time, which depends on how severely you teeth are discolored. It is typically done under a specialized light source, which enhances whitening of the teeth further. After the gel has completely treated the entire teeth surface, the

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will then have the patient s mouth rinsed until all chemical residues are removed. Such procedure can be repeated multiple times, depending on the severity of the stains present in the teeth.

Dental procedures on teeth whitening are much safer than any commercial whitening products sold in the market. However, due to the complexity of the treatment, an able and experienced

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must conduct the procedure in order to prevent errors and malpractices during treatment.

On the other hand, there are several kinds of dental crowns or filling that might turn out to be more visible after the teeth whitening treatment. So, before having your teeth treated, have a

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to replace such dental articles with chemical-resistant types. This is to ensure that you will have that glowing-white set of teeth.

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