Safety Shoes The First Line Of Defense Against Foot Injuries}

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Industrial workers engaged in industries such as petrochemicals and oil & gas are exposed to the dangers of accidents of accidents on a daily basis. As an operations manager, your main aim is to ensure a high level of efficiency of productivity without exposing your workers to any type of dangers. Safety shoes are one of the most primary items that they will require staying on the move while working in oil excavation sites and refineries. Aware of the challenges faced by industrial workers, safety shoes manufacturers across different parts of the world have come up with many new characteristics to meet the needs of buyers.

Keeping the hot and humid conditions in which technicians and engineers work, pioneers in the safety products industry have equipped their shoes with comfortable fabric linings to make them sweat and odour free. In addition to this feature, Karam safety shoes come with nail guard anti-perforation mid-sole. They also feature a single density PU outsole, molded in-sock which offers a high level of convenience. The outsole of these footwear has antistatic, antislip, oil and heat resistant properties. The pairs have a Moccasin design and ensure a high level of agility in challenging working conditions.

But for first time buyers, selecting safety shoes can be a bit of a challenge at the initial stage.

If you are one of them, then electricity compliance would be one of the most important factors that you will need to concentrate upon. There is always a high risk of workers getting exposed to electrical currents at the excavation sites or in refineries. Therefore, you need to look for boots that comply with the latest ISI standards and can offer protection to high voltage, open electric currents to your personnel at work.

Metatarsal injuries are some of the most common foot injuries that industrial workers suffer from. The recovery process in case of such injuries is quite time-consuming. Shoes that come with steel toes do not offer metatarsal protection. Therefore, you will need to look for a pair which can offer protection to this part of the users body. A number of safety shoes come with a shield-like feature that offers a composite toe and extends to the top of the instep. As a result, the user can be safe from any impact felt on his foot while he is on the move.

Check whether the instep has a proper fitting or not. It should be too tight or loose. Pairs that come with loose insteps cause excessive slipping on the heel. Doing so will also ensure that your workers do not experience heel and toe pan which they normally doing while wearing shoes with tight insteps. You will need to take into account the different widths available to select a shoe with the perfect fitting instep. At the initial stage, users are likely to experience slight slippage in the heel area. But it will subside with time and disappear completely.

About the Author: The author is a chemical engineer with avid interest in industrial safety shoes being used in the petrochemical and allied industries. He is a regularly reviews new products leading brands like Karam, Bata, Allen Cooper etc available at


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