How To Cricket Proof Your Pool Area

By Emily Taylor

Swimming pool areas are one of the best spots for crickets and any type of insect to propagate due to the dampness of the area which makes it the perfect place to stay. These types of insects may seem to be of no threat of danger to humans although many would agree that the constant chirping of crickets sometimes drive them crazy especially when they’re trying to focus on to something.

Crickets are nocturnal insects that stay hidden during the day and are found hunting smaller insects at night. That is why looking for them during the day can be a difficult task to do as they hide from the sight and these insects are mostly found on thick grass; pile of rocks and sometimes on cracks and openings in your house.

Cricket proofing a pool doesn’t require complicated methods or cricket zappers in order to get rid of these pests. All you need to do is to follow these simple tips and guidelines on how to keep these little creatures out of the pool area. Here are some easy to follow methods on keeping crickets outside where they belong:

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— Maintain dryness – first and foremost, crickets find the pool area a perfect place to live because of its damp environment due to the splash of water from the pool. Like most type of insects, they love to hang out on wet areas as this also gives them an easy access when drinking water. Mopping the pool deck after using the swimming pool is the best thing to do to prevent any uninvited guest on your pool. Setting up the pool cover will also lessen the attraction of insects into the pool at night.

— Avoid bright lights – like most insects, crickets are also drawn to the bright lights at night and tend to gather around where the light focuses. Strong lights in return make a commotion among insects and attracts all kinds of insects into your pool. Replace all the lights to lesser brightness to avoid swarms of insects from infesting the pool area.

— Cut the tall grass – tall and thick grasses are the favorite hiding places of many insects, especially crickets as they rest when the sun is out and the heat is at its highest level. Tall grasses also make it difficult for pool owners to locate and catch these insects manually.

— Use glue boards – probably one of the safest and most convenient method of catching insects is by using glue boards. Leave at least three to four glue boards around the pool area at night where you frequently see crickets hopping when you visit your swimming pool during the night. Make sure that the area is dry so that the board will not get soaked in the water around the pool. In the morning, check the traps you laid near the pool and get rid of the crickets you captured on the glue board. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result or until all crickets are eliminated out of that area.

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The Top 5 Us Manufacturers Of Lawn Furniture

By Dave Text

Lawn furniture is being used in gardens and outdoor spaces. Lawn manufacturers are the ones who make and sell these furniture that are holds the purpose of designing resorts, pool sides, gardens and other recreational outdoor places. A good design for these needed lawn furniture actually attracts more buyers, making certain that the firm serves its purpose.

Lawn furniture is used in gardens and outdoor spaces. Lawn manufacturers are the ones who make and sell furniture for the purpose of designing resorts, pool sides, gardens and other recreational outdoor places.

Materials used in making lawn furniture are metals, wood or lumber and plastics. This material passed through certain standards and processes before they are vended in markets and specialty shops.

A list of the top manufacturers of lawn furniture is as follows:


DeKkorViii (Decorate) Designing Firm

This firm started in the year 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ever since, they achieve an annual sales volume of not more that 1 Million US dollars.

The products and services they provide would include:

Patio Furniture Poly-Wood Picnic Tables Hotel Furniture Weather Proof Furniture Mission Collection Outdoor Furniture Green Furniture Pool Chairs Eco Friendly Furniture Commercial Furniture Bar Chairs Plastic Lumber Garden Furniture.

Their main customers are as follows:

Beach Resorts Happy Home Owners Water parks Hospitals Amusement and Theme parks, and Cruise Lines.

Their main markets include the following:

Oceania North America Eastern Asia South America Eastern Europe Mid East Western Europe Southeast Asia.


PAVCO Furniture Inc.

PAVCO supplies products for multi housing, club industries and hospitality. They are one of the manufacturers of aluminum outdoor furniture. Their products are made from heavy duty materials and they offer fully welded construction frames, along with a coating finish of polyester powder.

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Their products are as follows:

Fiberglass Framed Umbrellas Commercial Pool Furniture for hotels Alante Sling Outdoor Furniture, and Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Hence, their total annual sales volume would range from 5 million US dollars up to 10 million US dollars.

Their other products and services guaranteed include the following:

Pool Furniture Chairs Patio Umbrellas Tables Chaise Lounges Beach Chairs Bar Stools

Their firm has a total of 51 up to 100 employees, including the ones in their factories. Their factory size is approximately 50,000 square meters up to 100,000 square meters.


Furniture Active Limited

This firm is the worlds fanciest and largest furniture dealer, which caters to tables and sets of chairs, as well as dining tables, home and office furniture.

Their products include the following:

South Sea Rattan – Crossroads Bedroom Set Active Resin Outdoor Furniture Sets Global Furniture Usa 210 C/B Series Sofas Scottsdale Dining Chairs Scottsdale Contemporary Table Set

They have a total of 51up to 100 employees, including the ones in their factories. Their total annual sales volume is approximately 10 million US dollars up to 50 million US dollars.

Their main markets are as follows:

Eastern Europe North America Eastern Asia South America Middle East Oceania Western Europe Africa



Address: 34750 Klondike Drive, Out of Union City California

This company was established in the year 2002. Their products include the following:

Rocking Chairs Folded Table Sets Outdoor tents Outdoor sporting goods Picnic Table Sets Changing Rooms Inflatable toys Furniture Patio furniture artificial decors Childrens Playing Tents Traditional Table Sets Furniture Bench Sleeping Bags, and Garden lamp.

Hence, their total number of employees would be around 11up to 50 employees, including the ones in their factories. Their main market is North America. Their total annual sales volume would range from 2.5 million US dollars up to 5 million US dollars. Thus, their Management Certification number is ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000.



Address: 1354 Harding Ave, Des Plaines, Illinois, United States

Greatest Sale Inc.was established in year 1984. It is an online sales company in United States. It is also a superstore that offers products catering to the business communities and the public as well. All their products are 100% genuine, particularly with high quality features and a warranty.

Their products and services are as follows:

Accessories Housewares Electronics Equipment Hardware Supplies Software

Their main markets include the following:

Eastern Europe Eastern Asia Western Europe Africa Middle East North America Southeast Asia South America

Thus, their total annual sales volume would range from 2.5 million US dollars up to 5 million US dollars.

Other manufacturers:


A2Z Handi Services

Their products and services are as follows:

Cabinetry Solid Wood Cypress Lawn Furniture Cabinetry, Kitchen Custom


Savvy Export

Their products and services include the following:

Garden statues Home Dcor Gift items Wind chimes Stationeries Fragrances Candles


Gateway Marketing

Their products and services would be discounted items such as:

General merchandise Electronics Household products Hardware

They also handle customer closeouts, returned goods and clearance items.


AM Wood Designs LLC

Their products and services are as follows:

Cedar gazebos Unfinished furniture Wooden storage items Cedar gazebos Displays

Lawn furniture adds more features, particularly in creating a good landscape design. This is due to the fact that it can provide more naturalistic sceneries. Thus, setting the right furniture that would match your chosen motif is what designers need to accomplish, especially in assessing a good manufacturer for good furniture.

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Try A Thermal Coffee Machine For Your Home

By Johnathan Bakers

Thermal Coffee Maker Ratings

For many people coffee is an essential part of the day. The more of a headache something becomes when you depend on it and can’t get it. A day without coffee is a bad day and a day without good coffee is just not the same. You need to pick from the assortment of coffee makers to find the best one for your home. Pick a thermal coffee machine for your kitchen if you want the best one around. You should make sure to check out the ratings on them before you by. You will know the best price for your machine and what features you want to purchase.

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These are not the only option on the market in terms of brewing machines. You can still get an old-fashioned drip machine or even a French press. If you want something newer, you can try the pod machine that shoot steaming water through a coffee filled pad like a European coffee house. You can also buy an espresso maker if you are a real connoisseur. Make sure you get ratings on any type of machine before you buy.

Thermal coffee makers might win you over, because these keep your coffee hot for hours at a time. You can preserver your coffee flavor and keep it from burning while it stays warm and ready for you. You can get a large one that holds 8-10 cups of coffee at a time. This is great for a large family or for your office. Usually the carafes are made from stainless steel. If they are double-walled then they can operate alone or together. The double-wall carafe will keep your coffee tasting great at the perfect temperature all day long.

Some have 24-hour digital timers that you can program. They may have other features like easy to change filters, auto shutoff, and gold or platinum permanent filters. You can also buy one that allows you to pour your coffee even if the whole thing isn’t done brewing. You can also buy one with different color lids so you can remind your office if its regular or decaf.

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