How To Cricket Proof Your Pool Area

By Emily Taylor

Swimming pool areas are one of the best spots for crickets and any type of insect to propagate due to the dampness of the area which makes it the perfect place to stay. These types of insects may seem to be of no threat of danger to humans although many would agree that the constant chirping of crickets sometimes drive them crazy especially when they’re trying to focus on to something.

Crickets are nocturnal insects that stay hidden during the day and are found hunting smaller insects at night. That is why looking for them during the day can be a difficult task to do as they hide from the sight and these insects are mostly found on thick grass; pile of rocks and sometimes on cracks and openings in your house.

Cricket proofing a pool doesn’t require complicated methods or cricket zappers in order to get rid of these pests. All you need to do is to follow these simple tips and guidelines on how to keep these little creatures out of the pool area. Here are some easy to follow methods on keeping crickets outside where they belong:

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— Maintain dryness – first and foremost, crickets find the pool area a perfect place to live because of its damp environment due to the splash of water from the pool. Like most type of insects, they love to hang out on wet areas as this also gives them an easy access when drinking water. Mopping the pool deck after using the swimming pool is the best thing to do to prevent any uninvited guest on your pool. Setting up the pool cover will also lessen the attraction of insects into the pool at night.

— Avoid bright lights – like most insects, crickets are also drawn to the bright lights at night and tend to gather around where the light focuses. Strong lights in return make a commotion among insects and attracts all kinds of insects into your pool. Replace all the lights to lesser brightness to avoid swarms of insects from infesting the pool area.

— Cut the tall grass – tall and thick grasses are the favorite hiding places of many insects, especially crickets as they rest when the sun is out and the heat is at its highest level. Tall grasses also make it difficult for pool owners to locate and catch these insects manually.

— Use glue boards – probably one of the safest and most convenient method of catching insects is by using glue boards. Leave at least three to four glue boards around the pool area at night where you frequently see crickets hopping when you visit your swimming pool during the night. Make sure that the area is dry so that the board will not get soaked in the water around the pool. In the morning, check the traps you laid near the pool and get rid of the crickets you captured on the glue board. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result or until all crickets are eliminated out of that area.

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